Top Five People to Talk with about Your Future

Here are five both likely and unlikely people to talk to about how you want to spend your post graduate life:

  1. Your Parents: Face it, the phrase, “Mama knows best,” has some truth to it. Your parents will tell it to you straight, and at the same time, give you the encouragement and motivation you need to to kick it into gear. They gave you life. The best thing you can do is ask them for advice for what to do with it. However, also take into consideration that while their opinions count and matter, it is you who makes your own decisions. Listen, reflect, and be proactive about what advice you take to heart.
  2. Your Grandparents: To my grandmother, my future profession will always be accountancy. Practical, solid, and what my grandfather does. However, upon listening to her career stories, like the times she worked at prisons, and the local grocery store, I realize that while her advice seems misguided and outdated at times, she has the most experience and perspective than anyone I know. If her wisdom got my mom somewhere, it could get me somewhere too, right?
  3. Your Friends’ Parents: The same, “Mama knows best,” rule applies here.  However, when talking with your friends’ parents, the most important thing is to keep their different experiences in perspective. They are from different places, went to different schools, and were brought up differently, therefore, while having similar wisdom as your parents, they also have quite a bit of different bits and pieces as well.
  4. Coworkers: My favorite thing to do lately is ask my coworkers about how they got to where they are. I know how I came to work at this internship, but how did they end up in that desk chair next to me? You will be so surprised at the different paths people took to get to the same place as one another. If you want to be doing what they are doing, think how you can apply their experiences to yours. If not, learn from their mistakes. Either way, it is a win win.
  5. Your Barista or Bartender: They know your drink order. They can tell when you need that blueberry scone to go with your triple espresso. But how much do you know about them? The other day, I asked my barista some questions about his background, and I learned that he is working at the counter to support his pursuit in his PhD.  The bartender at the neighborhood pub just finished nursing school. If you already feel comfortable enough with them to spill your soul over your vanilla latte, then why not over career advice?

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