26 Things I Learned During My First Year Of Real Employment

I learned so many of these just after three months of interning! Have you learned any of these this summer?

Thought Catalog

1. Bank account balances can be comprised of more than two digits.

2. Once you determine exactly when you need to wake up to make it to work on time, you will get out of bed at that precise moment every day with no time to spare. For example, I get out of bed 31 minutes before work starts. Not 30 minutes; 30 minutes is not enough time. Waking up 30 minutes before work starts is a crisis.

3. Exactly which holidays are federal holidays and which are just the stupid ones.

4. I appreciate my free time so, so much more. When I was an undergraduate in college, I had seemingly inconceivable amounts of free time — when I look back on it, it’s astonishing. I think I actually transcended the space-time continuum with the amount of unstructured, obligation-free time that I had. What did I use it for?…

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