Five Things on your To Do List before you Leave your Internship

  1. Say thanks: Duh! This should your number one priority before saying goodbye to all of your coworkers as you leave your internship. Whether you write a formal thank you card, buy Dunkin for your staff, or just simply say a heart felt thanks, show your gratitude. No matter what, you experienced what you did because of them, and for that you should be grateful, even if it was not all that you expected.
  2. Evaluate: Look at every project you created over your entire internship. Which ones were the most valuable? Specifically, which ones will be the most valuable to employers? Is there anything you can put in your portfolio? Evaluating what you have done during your internship is pertinent to being able to talk about it in the future. When you go talk to a recruiter at a career fair and start describing your time at this place, you want to have specific examples of how you grew as an employee through this work experience.
  3. Solidify Relationships: Did you ever run into someone in the break room who said they might have a contact for you? What about that coworker who you really want to work for some day? Find those contacts. Now. Make it known that you want to keep in touch. They are not going to reach out to you. They have a job. It is all in your hands. Take the first step, and solidify those relationships. If anything, they can be mentors and guides as you continue to enter the working world. 
  4. Connect: If you aren’t already doing so, Like, Follow, or Subscribe to the entire online presence of the company. Even after you leave the company, you know you will still be thinking of the work you left behind. Maybe a project you were working on will finally take lift off, or maybe your favorite coworker got a major promotion. Staying connected online not only keeps you informed of the company’s well being, but it also keeps you aware of possible job opportunities in a place where you already have an established footing.
  5. Ask for advice: Take a few minutes and ask your boss how you did this summer, if he or she hasn’t told you already. Ask what you can do better and things to think about. Ask for advice in taking the next steps. Also, ask if in the future, you can use them as a reference. Asking is the key. By asking questions, you are showing an interest in your personal development as an employee and as a person, making you more employable.

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