About the Author

Justine is currently an undergraduate student at Miami University, majoring in Professional Writing and Psychology, and minoring in Interactive Media Studies. She will graduate from Miami in May 2014.  Through her classwork and career experience, she has skills ranging from but not limited to blogging, web design, research, and magazine and technical writing. She is also proficient in programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, WordPress, Prezi, and iMovie, among others.

Justine is currently a technical writing intern at London Computer Systems.  She is a board member for the Miami Ice Skating Club, as well as a skating instructor at the Goggin Ice Center.  She is also head coach for a youth synchronized skating team, the Oxford Ice Crystals, for the upcoming 2013-2014 season. She is a student blogger for Miami University Admissions and a student reporter for the the Miami Quarterly.

In her free time, Justine enjoys skating, hanging out with her friends, Pilates, Zumba, and perusing different blog and design websites. She also thoroughly enjoys roasting vegetables when she has the time.  Justine is a coffee enthusiast.

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