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Miami University Admissions Blog Work

  • Finding your finals week study spot:  Finals week is quickly approaching, and students are starting to think about where the perfect study spot will be. King Library is a nut house this time of year, so it is time to get creative in finding the perfect environment. Here are some of my favorite places to go besides the frequently visited libraries on campus: Read More
  • Balance begins with the course list: I admit it. My most exciting part of every semester is when the course list finally comes out for the next semester. There is something so thrilling about picking a whole new batch of classes. However, while it is exciting, it is also stressful at times, especially during the first year of picking classes. It is not like high school where you pick between two classes. Your classes are dependent on whether or not you have a major, and sometimes even based on your dorm! Read More
  • Literary London: As each year comes to a close, I always spend countless hours reflecting on all that I have accomplished. 2012 was a year of firsts for me—living off campus and adding a new major, amongst other things, but the most memorable part was studying abroad. Read More

Miami Quarterly Spring 2013: Blades of Gory- The Dangers of Synchronized Skating

Sixteen ice skaters push through the last moments of their practice before the season’s inaugural competition. Two minutes near the end, screams ripple through the empty Goggin Ice Center, music stops and panic erupts. Teammates scatter stunned at the unexpected site. Read More

Rhetorical Analysis of Madonna’s Like a Prayer music video (November 2013) 

In 1989, Madonna was thirty years old, and while she had already had an iconic career, she wanted to do even more to put herself on the map. Well, you cannot get more on the map than getting condemned by the Vatican by creating a song and video that gives way to a crossover of religion and sex.  The music video for Madonna’s, “Like a Prayer, “ created major controversy in January 1989, when it was shown, due to the figurative language and images, as well as the religious and racy elements used in the video to create Madonna’s jarring grand presentational style. Read More


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